Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lancer Leap?

Big things are happening at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. As of September 1, 2007 the Lancers will be competing at the D-1 level.

As the Professor will attest, I'm a huge Michael Tucker fan [Professor's Note: I will attest]. He played ball with a friend of mine at the Wood. My favorite memory was watching a simulated game in the Fall of 1990.

My friend (Wee-Wee) and I were watching as a southpaw was throwing to Tucker. Beyond the fence in right field is a graveyard. Tuck took the guy over the fence and half way to the gates of hell. He crushed the ball and we crushed the lefty. As the simulated game continued my friend, a righty, started to throw. Tuck took him yard over the left field fence, across the street and into the Mini-Mart parking lot. The guy could swing.

Tucker was drafted 10th overall by the Kansas City Royal in 1992 and has played 12+ seasons in the Bigs. He is now in Pawtucket, playing with the AAA Red Sox. I'm hoping to get together with Wee-Wee and Tuck and throw back a few - maybe even joke Wee-Wee for that bomb. I do it mostly because I never had to face Tucker; I have been taken yard, but not by a guy that has been in the SHOW.

UC Davis and Northern Colorado will also make the move to D-1. Welcome to where the big boys play. See you in Omaha?

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