Monday, July 16, 2007

Get Big Donkey Deal Dunn

Listening to Lance McAlister today I hear the new rumor concerning Adam Dunn is sending him to Minnesota for one of their pitching prospects. The rumor claims the Twins need some power because outside Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, and Torii Hunter, Dunn has more homers than the rest of the Twins combined.

The Twins are in it - five and a half back in both the division and the Wild Card (chasing the Indians or the Tigers most likely). The latest name thrown into the mix is Kevin Slowey, a 6'3'' 23-year-old right hander who has been up and down for the Twins this year.

If the Reds could do this, they should do it yesterday. Dunn has 25 HR's, but the Reds are 9-14 in games in which he has homered. He has more than one RBI in a game in which he did not homer only once (June 14). Yep, the Reds lost that one too. While the Reds' woes are by no means all Dunn's fault (it would help if the 8th inning call to the bullpen produced more than a batting tee), I think it is fairly apparent that the Reds could use the $10 mil they pay the Big Donkey in, shall we say, more winning ways...

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