Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess who's back?

There is no way to invoke Rickey like Rickey. After being hired as the new hitting coach of the New York Mets, this is how the press conference went (or should have gone). I hope it brings you a little smile, just knowing Rickey is back in baseball.

I was hoping to pick him up on my Fantasy team but alas, he is just coaching. My favorite story of Rickey being Rickey was back when Harold Reynolds won the stolen base title in 1987 with 60, making him the only player in the 1980's to win the award in the American League other than Rickey. Reynolds described it on an airing of Baseball Tonight. HR said he got back to his house after receiving the award and pushed the button on the answering machine. A voice said, "Rickey had 60 at the break." Then it was just a click. Gone faster than taking off for second.

As he would more than willingly remind you: Rickey is the best. Welcome back.

For the top 25 Rickey stories, check THIS out.

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