Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time Flys?

It was four years ago, to the week. The Professor and Whitey were sitting in a bar. Great little place down from the Bearcat campus. At the time the Professor didn't have four TV's and we had to watch so many things. What to choose from. This is one of the best times of the year. We have the College World Series, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, the "Dog Days of Summer" making that adult beverage go down like Leon Spinks in a Mike Tyson fight.

We have the U.S. Open being played at Pebble Beach. Inter-league baseball looks to be a hit with the fans, and this year, like that one, gives life to the next breath of hope.

That's the World Cup. Whitey can't say he has watched more than 5 minutes of soccer, including commercials, in the past four years. Whitey thinks it's a great thing that the world has one thing that can bring us all together. However for the record, watching soccer is akin to watching a tennis match on some serious mind numbing substances. It's a game for the true fan.

Whitey is good with the guy who waits four years to be able to go get piss drunk at 9:00 in the morning while wearing his probably brand new jersey. Whitey just can't get the people who only just found out that the Ivory Coast isn't a rival of Irish Spring.

Face isn't going to take America by storm. This is just a wind that blows like the guy at the bar trying to impress the ladies with his soccer knowledge. Chicks dig soccer. They play it. They're better than the men, , not to mention kinda hot. However, Whitey digresses.

Let's just enjoy everything going on. It's summer, and winter is only a few months off. Take a few minutes to see the wonderful world around you. Just remember that the ground is usually hot; because hell hasn't frozen over and soccer will be a distant thought in 84 days. That's the start of The NFL. Enjoy your pint my friend.

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