Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Shiny Things - Part 2!

Three years ago we trotted out this poll twice, with the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup splitting the results. This year we actually have the World Cup to watch while we lambaste their lame trophy. It is solid gold, but whoever wins it doesn't get to keep it - probably because Brazil used to win the thing all the time and it was worth more than their currency - they get a gold plated replica.

There are a couple of golf trophies we could put on this (The Claret Jug, the U.S. Open trophy), but since no one ever votes for them I figured I'd just throw the Green Jacket on here. And did you know you can (well, could have) actually buy an authentic green jacket? Winning bid was just over $7K.

The sheer monstrosity of the Indy 500 trophy gets it in - sterling silver, almost five feet tall, 153 lbs, with a suggested retail price of around $1.3 million. All of our candidates are pictured in the previous post, or HERE. If your favorite's not there, just let us know and we'll add it. Fun for the whole family!


  1. I tried to vote but not sure it went thru. I think they are all kinda ridiculous but I guess it's hard to change tradition!

  2. as trophies go my favorite is "THE ACHE" Its awarded at the never happened Aloysius' s Conspicuous Horseshoe Extravaganza. Ache for short. its a persnickity event exclusive to those who believe reaching extreme athleticism conjures Youthful enthusiasm. The trophy is a whores shoe. Second place is the whore.

    Yours truly

  3. I've never been a fan of persnickety events, especially cribbage. But items of clothing and actual human beings as trophies? The Romans called and want their ideas back. I love horseshoes by the way, but not a Sport.