Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From a Bowl?

Whitey is in the middle of his baseball season. 40 some odd games in six weeks. It's hot and humid. We don't get a lot of sleep and Whitey is really confused.

This morning Whitey heard that there is a chance, as slim as it is, there is still a chance that a team will be sent home and another sent to the elimination round by the casting of lots. Are you kidding me? They have jogged around kicking a ball for somewhere around 90 minutes, three times, and they pick a ball out of a hat to see who moves on? This is what "the World's Game" has for settling a tie?

Maybe The Professor can come up with a better reason than Whitey, because Whitey has a dirty word for his idea. Play-in-game. Decide it on the field, not out of a peanut bowl at the pub.

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