Friday, June 25, 2010

Grunt Free Radio?

Whitey was runnin' around taking care of this and that over the past three days. From time to time Whitey would be in a bar, house, car, or most likely on his iPhone, watching the tennis match that lasted 11+ hours. Whitey admits a desire to jump the Pond to see the Fortnight. However, upon reflection, Whitey would probably catch a 6-0, 6-0 drubbing by a chick that grunts louder than the chick she just squashed like a bug.

Also, in the car, Whitey's a radio guy. Give me Marty, Morgan, and most of all HR. So on that note, I found it absolutely mind numbing to listen to the soccer match on the radio. That's like trying to find a fly in the car, or is it a bee. Needless to say, Whitey was driving in his rearview mirror.

That said, Whitey will take that mind numbing buzz from 100,000 people before he would sit to listen to a grunt fest from a couple of chicks. Unless the sound is off. Some of them are kinda cute.

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