Sunday, June 24, 2007

9th Inning Shower

Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox got sent to the showers earlier than the rest of his team last night, tying him for the Major League record (131) for ejections with John McGraw. One more and he'll be the best. No, he's not the 'kick the dirt' on the ump or the plate kind of guy. He's the sit in the dugout and 'bark at BLUE' type of manager. How do you think they came up with the phrase "Braves' Strike Zone" with Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine?

Arguing balls and strikes is a no win proposition, and I've never seen an ump change his strike zone to appease the coach. If your pitcher continually hits his spots, the ump may give him something a tad off the paint, but not for the chirping from the dugout. With 15 division titles under his belt, you would have to think that chirping is better that lobbing the rosin bag. Maybe some of the other managers in baseball could take something from this. You have to protect your guys. If you don't stand up for them, they won't for you.

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