Monday, June 25, 2007

How'd they do that?

OSU lost 6 of 8 starters, including their closer of a year ago. They are the first team to win it all in Omaha with a losing conference record. They played their first game of the year in Hawaii on March 25, a week before the rest of the country started. They didn't get to play in Corvallis until mid May. Their coach was courted by some big schools, such as Notre Dame, but signed a new contract this year. They were one of the last teams selected to the Final 64 teams, basically on their Power Ranking due to early season road trips and that whole thing of being defending Champions. They did the small things, the fundamentals. They hit a few homers, but their small ball ability showed all through the regionals, Super Regionals, and the CWS. They were caught stealing on only 2 occasions in Omaha. They went 60 consecutive innings without trailing. And now, having gone 5-0 in Omaha, they hoist their second straight National Championship trophy.

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