Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Epitome of Stupidity

If you were wondering how far into absurdity the world of sports can actually fall, let me be the one that brings you a little dose of idiocy. As I settled into my hotel room, I unpacked my laptop and turned on the TV. It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm just flipping through the channels...waiting for the CWS to start. Ladies and gentlemen I tell you this is the most ridiculous thing I've seen.

NBC was showing something called the "World Series of Golf." I sat for a few minutes waiting to see a leader board, maybe a name I would recognize from the PGA Tour. Not so much. This activity, because it's not a sport, takes poker players to a golf course where they bet on each shot, hole, and putt. Yes, you heard me correctly.

We all go out with our buddies and drop a few ducks, or play for a cold beer at the turn. But going all in on a 6' putt is just wrong. The game, from what I gathered from the few minutes that I sat dumbfounded in front of the TV, starts on the tee box as if your on the "button" at the poker table. Each swing of the club, good or bad, is like getting another card. If you're in good shape, up the bet, and hope to win the hole and the pot.

I've started to look at this poker programing like infomercials. Always on when you actually have time to do something else. For instance, slamming your hand in the car door. To the guy that thought this thing up: Your ignorance is immeasurable!!!

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