Saturday, June 30, 2007

For a "HUG?"

Rita Ragone, a former hair and make-up artist at the World Wide Leader in Sports (also known as ESPN), has filed a sexual harassment suit against ESPN, Woody Paige, and Jay Crawford.
Paige was a regular panelist on the now defunct "Cold Pizza," and now is seen on "1st & 10." Crawford, the former host of "Cold Pizza," is now the co-host of ESPN’s "First Take". Paige has returned to the Denver Post and continues to be a regular guest on "Around The Horn."

Ragone said that Paige pinched her, fondled her, and made vulgar remarks about her appearance. She alleges that Paige once grabbed her backside so forcefully that "she was propelled forward, and into the air." Paige sent an e-mail to the Associated Press stating this was untrue and had no further comment. Crawford’s actions were noted as crude sexual comments, which he denies. ESPN’s people say the claim is untrue. Hey, everyone is saying this, even her former employer Atlantic Video, who she says asked her to drop the suit before letting her go.

This is not the first time Paige was sued for sexual harassment. In 1992, he allegedly used an anatomy slur towards a woman after an argument in his office. The Denver Post settled the suit, and Paige is back there again.

My only question is: Why are they still employed?

When a Production Assistant from ESPN said she felt weird after a hug from Harold Reynolds outside an Outback Steak House, he was thrown out on the street. There has been no suit against HR. Reynolds is actually suing ESPN for breach of contract and seeking damages. He currently is working for, so check him out. The PA who felt weird has not spoken out to the best of my knowledge. Reynolds, who also reportedly had a heated disagreement with the production staff of Baseball Tonight over the coverage of Alex Rodriguez last season during a Texas v. New York series, was dismissed without a reason. Or at least a reason this hound can't find.

For a "HUG", he was dropped from Baseball Tonight and his color analyst role for the College World Series and the Little League World Series. With no lawsuit, Reynolds has been banished from ESPN. Paige, with a suit, is still playing the ‘holier than thou’ part as a panelist on "Around The Horn." ESPN has had no official statement on Reynolds’ firing; and his grievance won’t be heard until late 2008.

It breaks this baseball fan’s heart to lose HR, but if Woody gets the door you won’t hear a tear drop. Stay tuned for more of this. Please visit Free Harold Reynolds.Com and leave a note of support for the guy who does not have a sexual harassment suit against him.

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