Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Homer Cometh...but is his Hair worthy?

Ah, the time has come to stop asking, "What sort of circus pony is running this team?" Well, maybe not, but Mr. Homer Bailey will make his first start for the Reds Friday night against a not-so-bad Cleveland squad. About time if you ask me, but the Reds are not necessarily known for producing pitching (name one, and not Tom Browning) and they have never, I repeat, never had a Cy Young award winner. Heck, the Royals have two (Saberhagen and guess...the winner gets free tickets to River Downs).

But enough of that. Take the poll if you want to discuss
his impact. I will say this: he can't be any worse than Milton and the gang of thieves they've been paying to lose games up to this point. Should he succeed, it will be fun to watch the bullpen flush his young hopes with our dreams of an over .500 baseball team. If there is anything the Reds are good at (other than striking out) it's finding unique ways to lose games-Ryan Freel leads all baseball having been picked off 4 times, and he's got a .313 OBP.

The biggest problem may be the battle for the ladies' hearts here in the Queen City. The
reigning champ, in a typical pose:

The contender:The battle is on! Homer better play a mean guitar, or at least hit Mt. Adams on a routine basis.

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