Monday, June 4, 2007

Before anyone judges.....

Take into account that Billy Donovan worked his way to Gainesville. He coached up a group of kids into history. This, in my humble opinion, is production well beyond what was expected, much less hoped for. I spoke with one of the Gator faithful who seemed fine with Billy leaving. He said, "He outplayed his contract."
I, hearing this from a fan, was stunned. Most people would jump off a cliff if their coach went off to more than double his salary: "It's all about the money!"
However, try this hat on for size. You double your salary and get a guaranteed 5 year contract. (Nobody is turning down that deal). Or, you could stay where you are for good money and become an icon. Dean Smith and Coach K are icons however at basketball schools and on 'tobacco road' no less. Try being a basketball icon at one of the best football programs in the country. That's history. There are people that don't think with their pockets, but with their hearts.
So ask yourself: Icon or the dollar, what do you want to be?


  1. If Florida had any stones they'd tell him to walk.

  2. In fact, let me expound a bit. Icon or the dollar you ask? How 'bout some ego with a capital E. Billy Boy just burned the bridge to the NBA; for his sake I hope he likes Gainesville. I suppose contract negotiations will be entertaining next time around. He's got two trophies, but I wouldn't build a bigger mantle just yet. It's probably going to be fun explaining to potential recruits the theory behind commitment