Friday, June 8, 2007

Heavy Metal

Super Regionals of the NCAA Men's Baseball, "Road To Omaha," start today. One day after the MLB draft was completed. Does the NFL or the NBA have their draft before the their amateur seasons are over? "What's the beef," you may ask? Simply this: You're a senior athlete at a college (playing one of the big three sports), you're still in the post season, and undrafted. Your baseball career is over if you lose.

Lose and go home takes on a whole new meaning to these guys. There is no pro contract for most college athletes but unlike baseball, they usually play their last game without fully knowing that. They know it's over in the sense that they're going to work in some other capacity in life, and still play hard. They show emotion that has long ago left the bigs. Tears? They are guaranteed. Rally caps, and finally a pile up on the mound at Rosenblatt Stadium. It will all be over, a new champ crowned. All but one standing with a loss in their last game. Even most of the winning team will be just another guy on your softball team.

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