Thursday, June 7, 2007

The cream always rises

Gary Sheffield stirred up a little more dirt than Sweet Lou did a few days ago. Yes, we all have a desire to have a guy that will go to the wall for you. That rant was to show his players, just how bad they were playing. Time will tell if it worked, it's a 162 game marathon.

The dirt that Sheffield kicked up was more like unto Jose Canseco. In this time of looking back at the things that no one controlled the MLB got it wrong, or just plain closed its eyes. It's more supply and demand than black and white. Who's the next Jordan? Lebron?

Why not go and look at what he said from this point of view. The biggest thing MLB has for the training of inner city children is the RBI program. RBI should be funded like a 'farm league.' When I started playing baseball that's what it was, a 6years old, down on the farm. From there: bronco, mustang, pony, colt and then on to high school and college.

The RBI program is in 200 cities. Wow, 200 inner cities. How many baseball camps are in Latin America? My guess: Mucho. When you are in a country where you see a playground and a hoop, chances are you're not in the Dominican Republic. If you see four kids with a stick and a ball in the street, can you tell me if your in Panama or just one of the 1000s of inner cities in America?

In a time when media covers some young athletes like Lebron James, name the next Dave Winfield and I'll make sure to catch his next Little League game. There is a stark truth to what Shef said. Kids need a place to let the cream rise to the top! No matter what color the milk is.

The only question I have is will MLB treat RBI the way they did greenies, or roids?

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