Friday, June 15, 2007

What more could you ask?

A couple nights ago the Spurs went on to win the NBA Championship over the Cavaliers. This comes as no shock to most, but the fact of the matter is Lebron is a young man. The Spurs are by no means flashy, but they are fundamentally sound. They take one more pass to get an open shot, they look for the open man, and push the ball to the basket. They have a triple threat with Duncan, Ginobili, and the guy (Parker) who is to wed the chick that gets more airtime than all the above.
People will wonder aloud if the Spurs are a dynasty, and I would have to say so. I watched Jordan grow from his rookie year, in which he had no help. Through the baseball years, through his retirement, and his return to the Wizards. That's the closest thing to Lebron I can think of. Jordan went to the Wizards as a basketball god. He had as much help there as James does in Cleveland. None. How did that work out? Not so good.

For as much as we think that Lebron is the next coming of Mr. Jordan, we forget that it took him getting a guy named Pippen before he got a ring. Sure, give Lebron an Agent 0, or Kevin Garnett, and he'll get his rings. Until then allow him to grow up and into his own. Let him drop 60 on some team and lead The Sporting News on a next deity chase. In this world we forget that the man we think of as the greatest [insert name here Bird, Magic, or one of your own] wasn't the man until he had a sidekick. Let's just hold off the coronation until Lebron gets his own Robin.

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