Thursday, June 14, 2007

Long Shot

Now that the fiasco that was my Southwest trip is over, I've had a little time to scan the world of sports for something to watch. Bam, here it is. At the U. S. Open being played at Oakmont C.C. there is a Par 3 that from the tips measures 288 yards. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's what I said, because it is hard to stutter when the words are written down.
In all honesty, I don't have a club in my bag that could reach it. I would have to lay up at 210, because not only is it too far, but the ball has to fly straight. In this age of Flintstone sized drivers and balls more akin to a super balls than the real thing, I'm thinking the pros won't have a problem. Tiger can get there with an iron. Watching those guys putt on the greens is like going to your local putt-putt and playing with a egg. Balls roll in a manner which can only be described as against the laws of physics. There are 186 bunkers, one of which is referred to as the church pews. 5 inch rough; you could lose a Cooper Mini in that.

1 under is the leader in the clubhouse after the first day, but the names you see today will have to play in the afternoon tomorrow. This will make the course harder, and faster for the guys who posted those low scores in the morning on Thursday. So whoever comes out on top of the pile of bent clubs is truly the Open Champ. No if's, and's, or but's about it, this is the hardest course I've seen.

6 over wins this tournament hands down!

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