Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whitey and the NCAA

Whitey has been using mathematical formulas from a friend at NASA; trying to come to a number that will split 347, leaving a remainder of 1. Yes these are the things that plaque my mind. Somehow, someway there has to be a way to be fair to "Little Johnny". Well sometimes in the big boy world, somebody gets left out. It may be the nerd in middle school that gets left out. Seems to me some of those guys found a thing called the Internet. Like.....mmmmm. Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and something about an iThingy.

It all comes out in the wash. At some point Johnny has to go to compete for something. A job, a sale, something, and he will fall, or succeed on his own. He will be rewarded, and sometimes not, but he'll figure it out. We all do to some degree or another. For the past decade or so the NCAA has had 64 teams in March Madness. In the past few years they have added a 64-65 play in game. And that solved????

Now at a fevered pitch, there is a drive to take it to 96. The paper that has the ratio of 96:347 is under the pile of papers on the floor from the number crunching. Again, what would that solve? Has there been a 1- 16 upset in NCAA history? So what is adding 32 teams worse than the 64/65th best teams going to solve? Maybe Johnny should be on the 347th best team in the country, and have a shot to win the National Championship. Remember we are still in "big boy" land. So I'll just say; Really!

Not everyone gets a trophy. There is no number that will satisfy the schools that get left out. There is no number that makes it all better. Somebody has to be left out. Wouldn't it seem just a little easier to take the regular season champs, and the tournament champ of each of each conference in the country, and let them have at it. The regular season has meaning, and the teams that are hot going into March can win the tourney to get in. Johnny's team shouldn't get a chance to play post season unless they earn it.

One would say that football get a bowl bid at 6-6. True, but the bowls don't allow you to play for the championship. There are two that have that honor to play, and one that will hold the trophy high. A tourney with diluted talent shouldn't be sanctioned by the NCAA. Sometimes, enough is enough. Sorry Johnny. Better luck next year.

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