Saturday, February 9, 2008

Whitey and Reggie Sanders

Whitey's comments in a previous post concerning Reggie Sanders and his Hall of Fame credentials deserve more than the parting shot I gave them in the article. Most Reds fans remember Reggie best in a pose similar to the one on the left - on the bench.

While Sanders has some nice stats (Whitey mentioned his 300/300 HR/SB), I remember his memorable performance in the 1995 playoffs: 29 at-bats, 19 strikeouts. He eventually put up some decent post-season numbers for Arizona, San Francisco, and St. Louis - playing in the World Series for all those teams - but his overall post-season stats are less than impressive. In 14 post-season series, Reggie batted a stellar .195 in 221 at-bats. He managed 43 hits, striking out 79 times.

"Ah, but what about the regular season?" you say. Sanders' lifetime batting average is .267. He has 1666 lifetime hits - and 1614 strikeouts. His strikeout total is good enough to rank him 21st on the all-time list. #1? Reggie Jackson, with 2597 K's which is 13 more than his total hits. But which Reggie would you rather have standing at the plate in October...

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