Friday, February 8, 2008

Bonds Decline?

Spring Training is not too far off and there are a few FREE AGENTS still on the market. One flying under the radar is Barry Bonds. He is ranked as the 4th best free agent of 2008. There are only 10 free agents in the Top 50 left unsigned. Six of the unsigned are pitchers, four position players.

Ranked 24th is Shannon Stewart (33), who played left field for the A's last season for a one year, 1 million dollar contract. He played in 142 games, but after a shoulder injury he is considered a defensive liability. In 12 years of play he has 114 Home Runs, so I don't see him as a good DH.

At 25th, we have Kenny Lofton (40 years young). This guy just gets it done. 17 years, 11 teams, three times in Cleveland and still hitting at a .300 clip. You may see him in the playoffs - maybe even the League Championship.

Last, but not 50th, coming in at 46th is Reggie Sanders (40 years old). He missed the 2007 season after surgery. He is one of six guys in the 300 - 300 Club - 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases, with the likes of Willie Mays, Andre Dawson, Bobby Bonds, Steve Finley, and the guy at #4. We will have to see what camp he shows up in, but there is a good chance Reggie is done. Great career, and should get into Hall of Fame, but not on the first ballot.

[Professor's Note] This ridiculous claim by Whitey - that Reggie Sanders should be in The Hall - cannot go unnoted. I feel that not only is it absurd to mention Sanders and the Hall in the same sentence, it is asinine to claim he should get in "...but not on the first ballot." This rationale has existed, in much higher circles than here, for quite some time. The argument goes pretty much how Whitey put it, that some players aren't 'First Ballot' Hall of Famers.

I believe either you are a Hall of Famer or you are not. None of this first ballot bull. Again, this crap has been floated out there for years by the writers who vote. If a player is a Hall of Famer, then he's a f%$^&in' Hall of Famer. Don't wait for the year when no one automatic is up for election and you have to "vote for someone..." Screw that. Don't belittle our great game by electing mediocre players in off years. Back to Whitey...

Barry Bonds (43 years?) is the All Time Home Run King and can't get a gig. He is a liability in the field, and the clubhouse, but in the box he is as good as it gets. Chances are he is going to jail for perjury. If so the price of Bonds will drop - like a stone!

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