Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who's Crying Now?

It seems the people in the National Football League think that it was wrong that the New England Patriots played the full 60 minutes of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins. John Clayton of ESPN told Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio that people were livid that Bill Belichek didn't call off the dogs in scoring 52 points in their 52-7 win over Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins.

Calling off the dogs in a sport is akin to taking you foot off the pedal in the car on the way to work in the morning. You can't get to work with the car idling! New England is now 8-0 going into a showdown game with the 7-0 Indianapolis Colts this week. Oh by the way, the Colts are the reigning Champions of the aforementioned NFL. Should the Patriots have pulled Tom Brady? Should they have run the ball between the tackles on every play, the defense thus knowing the play to stop them? Should the defense of New England laid down for the running back to get a first down, or even score? Should the National Football League have crying?

There is a saying as old as dirt. There is no crying in baseball. You get plunked by the pitcher - walk to first and don't rub it. So I retort with this: In the World Series of a week ago, when the Boston Red Sox were laying the wood to the Colorado Rockies 8-0 in the 6th inning, should they have taken Manny, Big Papi or Series MVP Lowell out of the line-up? Maybe they could have sent Eric Gagne out to the mound with a gas can and a few Blue Tips. He could have given up the long ball to 4 or 5 guys, just to make it fair.

Instead of calling off the dogs, they played 9 innings, taking into account the Rockies winning 21 of 22 to end the season and sweeping themselves into the World Series where they waited 9 days to play the Boston Red Sox. Ask them if they wanted the lay off. Granted, they won't apoligize for winning early, but they had some rust.

The Patriots play the defending champs this weekend. Do you think they want to take their foot off the gas before they get to the final horn of the Super Bowl, much less against the Redskins?

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