Friday, October 26, 2007

Bizarro World?

For those of you who don't understand what the "Bizarro World" is, let me explain it quickly. In the Superman Comic Series by DC Comics, there is an alternate and opposite world. Superman has an evil opposite of himself, and hello is goodbye. If I go any further, one may draw the conclusion that I'm a nerd. Far from it, just know it from Seinfeld.

Anyhoo. I was running through the news of the day and found a Bizarro World right here on earth.

The Christian Science Monitor had an article that answered a question many people have asked me in the past. What happens to the merchandise of the losing teams in sports? You know the ones claiming the guys that lost really won. You won't walk around in the United States and see a guy sitting on a park bench wearing a 2007 AL Champion Cleveland Indians t-shirt. The shirts were made because they were a game away from winning. So where do they go?

Africa my friend. They send them to the poor and needy in third world countries. I was in Chicago at the Museum of Natural History looking at a picture of an African child in a Batman shirt. At first I dismissed it as pop culture all around the world. After finding this, I realize my attitude was closed minded. That child had a smile while living in poverty. He could care less what was on his shirt. Maybe he was just happy to have a shirt, even if he might not know from where his next meal was coming.

Those shirts and merchandise go to help people. I know that they could care less who wins, but if you were to go to that place one might think the Chicago Bears won the Superbowl last year. I'm happy to see that the clothes are put to good use, and it is a great help to those who need it instead of ending up in an incinerator somewhere here in States. MLB started this year by signing on with other sports leagues to help.

Even if your a fan of no one in the series, at least hope that it goes seven games. It will benefit someone...and it will be one less day until Spring Training '08.

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