Monday, August 13, 2007


Well another Major on the PGA Tour has come to its logical conclusion, with the guy in red holding the trophy. After Woods dropped that 63 on Friday, there was really no reason to watch. Everybody in the tournament went to bed that night playing for second. That said, I watched the back 9 after a great brunch: Eggs Benedict, Key Lime pie, and Glenlivet neat. Anyway, to the point.

I watched Tiger methodically play the course in his "Sunday Red". He played the last 3 holes knowing he had the tourney in the bag. After a 3 putt bogey at the 14th, Woods sunk a birdie putt on the 15th hole. As he watched the ball drop in, he pointed right at the hole. That was the moment. You usually see that fist pump he is well known for, or some other gesture that causes the crowd to go wild and his playing partner melt. This time that guy was Stephen Ames, who shot a 6 over 76. He started the day in second, and ended up tied for 12th. Tiger's point was basically saying, "That's the shot that put it away."

As a side note, I would add that it was good to see his wife and newborn also wearing "red" to celebrate the win. If you had a chance to see how fast he dropped that ball into his pocket, you know he is keeping that one for his mantle. Special day, special guy.

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  1. Love the new picture of you guys fishing!

    I found another presidential candidate for you:

    Click on her personal myspace for more about her. WOW.

    I'm not about to say anything about her on LFV or my blog, because she appears to be extremely mentally ill (on her personal page she says she's homeless and posting from a public library ... oh, yeah, she also claims to be every imaginable celebrity's mother/wife/ex-fiancee), but thought you'd find her interesting enough to include in one of your candidate lists. I guess she's an independent, because I don't see any party affiliation.