Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I guess you might say that Michael Vick is one of the people that you thought you would tell your grandchildren about when you were old and gray. Well now he has cemented his place in Hall of Shame. I can't think of a quicker fall from grace. Rose, Tyson, Rocker, just pick your best argument for an illustration. This is; dare I say, epic.
Michael Vick was the quarterback that broke the mold, coming off his performance in the National Championship game against the Seminoles of Florida State in 2000. From all accounts that I have read, and heard, the guy was a caring, giving person. He has done a lot of good with the money he got from playing in the NFL. Dan Reeves, Frank Beamer, and countless others have been interviewed by multiple media outlets. I haven't found a damning statement from anyone that had a relationship with Vick. That said; I'm sure there is some guy that will try and get his 15 minutes of fame from this horrific event. So shame on him too.
Vick has let everyone down. I know that there are people in the Falcons fan base that will say he was framed, but there is an idiot born each minute, so go figure. It is inexcusable. To pit anything against another for getting your jollies, is just sick. People are all bent out of shape because it was dogs, and I get that. They are defenseless creatures, unless trained to do harm.
Mr. Vick probably deserves more than he will get; however what I'm having a problem wrapping my head around is, Where did all this morality come from?
We have had stars, or better yet, just people in your own neighborhood that beat their wives. People are getting shot in the street for no reason whatsoever. Children are being abused by adults, just to be let out on the streets again to repeat the offense. Where are the picket line at those trials?
I'm not happy to say this, not in any way. If you thought it was going to be hard to explain to your grandson that Barry allegedly used steroids to achieve his Home Run record, try putting a good face on for the kid when he finds out the guy playing killed "Fluffy".
Vick will probably get a year, and a half in the clink to think about his transgressions, and be glorified in the Big House, by his fellow perps. The NFL will ban him for a year, thus allowing him to return around 2010. Probably not as a quarterback, but with his athleticism someone will find him a place.
After Monday's plea, he will start a PR campaign the likes even Washington D.C. has never seen. For some reason it makes me wonder if he fooled so many people all this time, can you ever really trust the guy? I'm starting to believe Vick's reputation will be ironically like that of the pit bulls he bred. STOP! Audience Participation Time! Please reread the last sentence, and when you get to pit bull, insert your minds eye here.
Unfortunately, his dogs will be put down because they could never be pets, they won't get a second chance. Mr. Vick will. Then we will see if you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. Interesting view of the Vick situation.

    Here's mine, for what it's worth.

    It is so abnormal to torture animals that, by Vick's actions, the public has gotten a peek into his psyche. What we saw there was a depraved human being.

    Only a sociopath abuses animals to that degree, which included torturing them to death by various methods - drowning and electrocution, among others - if he didn't want them anymore. That's the stuff of which serial killers are made.

    He may have done good for others, but if so, to me that only means that he's the type of psychopath who just hasn't yet crossed the line into torturing people. A lot of psychopaths appear very normal, because they are quite accomplished at masking their true self. After all, even Ted Bundy was viewed as a great guy, and he volunteered his time on a suicide hotline.

    That's why there is such an outcry against Vick.

    Personally, I think his NFL career is over forever, if for no other reason than that he lied to the Commissioner about the validity of the charges against him. I also think that if the NFL took him back, there would be a huge public outcry against it.

    Of course, I could be wrong about that. Time will tell, I guess.