Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now Batting: PETA?

I am not one to use Wikipedia as a source - I would rather you take my word for it and not lend credence to a site in the batter's box. However, for this yarn I am.

Once again PETA has struck out swinging. When I first heard that PETA was weighing in on the Michael Vick dog fighting issue, I was fully behind them. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were doing the right thing. Dog fighting is a crime, as it should be. However they stepped over the line as they usually do. In 2003, PETA ran an inexcusable campaign to bring attention to factory farms. They used pictures of the Holocaust to imply their similarities. That is the type of line I'm talking about. Strike one!

They have put out more than graphic pamphlets called, "Your Father Kills Animals" and "Your Mother Kills Animals" to children. That would be..... Strike two!

Today, on the PETA web site, they are selling "Anti-Vick merchandise." Profiting from the fact that a celebrity gets popped by the Feds makes you lose some of your credibility. For example, this morning on ESPN Radio it was reported that on the Nike site the search for "Vick" came back with no items found. Nike could be attempting to recoup some of the money they shelled out to Vick, but chose to do the right thing.

When a non-profit organization exploits an alleged despicable act for profit, and a for-profit company holds off on the launch of a new shoe thus loosing profit, the rules of commerce are inverted. Strike three!

I know the people that support PETA are truly animal lovers, and some believe that the way they protest is a good thing. In this case their cause is just; their profit is not. It also burns me up that they think 50 protesters outside the NFL Office in New York City is causing the Commissioner to do something. Sorry, it is not them but rather the collective gasp that you hear in your office, tavern, or barbershop that is causing the NFL to act. Just because you're on the right side of a cause doesn't mean you were the reason for change - just a part of the cause for change.

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