Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Evil Potter Plots Satanic Seduction...

Here we go again...I've never read the books, so I have no right to be overly judgmental. I have seen some of the movies, though I'd be hard pressed to tell you which ones. They're alright. I suppose this is a new generation's Star Wars - without any of the cool characters. Harry Potter seems as intriguing as butter. What's the point again? Save magic school? At least Luke was trying to save the galaxy.

I do have to commend Rowling on her ability to get millions of people (I would say kids but I know better) to stand in line waiting for a book. My friends and I didn't line up outside the local Barnes and Noble waiting for the new Judy Blume tome (Superfudgier!).

What I like most about Harry is he brings out the best in those obsessed with raising other people's children. Like Steve Wohlberg, who says:
In the midst of fun and fantasy, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels make witchcraft appear cool and exciting, especially to teenagers. It doesn’t matter that these novels are only “fictitious stories.” Stories are powerful. They influence both individuals and society. Just look around. “Wicca” (a religion that practices witchcraft) is exploding in popularity among kids, teens and adults. Even nine-year-olds are frequenting Wicca websites, lighting candles, casting spells, joining covens, and practicing so-called “white magic.” The Harry Potter craze and Wicca’s growing popularity go hand in hand. Harry’s last name is “Potter.” A “potter” molds clay, which is exactly what’s happening. Make no mistake about it, the Harry Potter books (along with other magic-made-fun films and TV series like Charmed, Buffy, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch) are whetting kid’s appetites to check out real witchcraft. The biggest danger is witchcraft itself, whether “black” or so-called “white.” Unknown to Wiccans themselves, it’s all a doorway to the demonic. Witchcraft itself (and the supernatural forces behind it), this is what’s wrong with Harry Potter.[SOURCE]
Oh yes, Mr. Potter and his magical cohorts are seducing your children, enticing them into a world of black magic (is there any other kind?). Instead of building nice Lego towns your child will be erecting towering shrines to Satan, sacrificing the family pets in the fireplace.

"Want to play Monopoly, Johnny?"
"No, I think I'm gonna conjure up Grandpa with my Ouija board and have his spirit torture you and Mom for all eternity."

Wohlberg has some advice for parents in such a predicament:
Avoid Harry Potter. Don’t buy the book. There are much better things for our kids to read. My wife and I have a three-year-old son who loves stories. Daily we read to him stories that teach lessons about honesty, purity, truth-telling, respect for parents, and faith in God. In Harry Potter, teenage Harry lies a lot, break rules at Hogwarts, curses, throws temper tantrums, and even drinks “firewhisky” (he’s an underage drinker). Instead of Harry Potter, our ministry (White Horse Media) recommends John Bunyan’s immortal classic The Pilgrim’s Progress which teaches character-building lessons about the dangers of sin, repentance, faith in God, walking on the narrow road, resisting the devil, and preparing for heaven. None of these lessons are found in Harry Potter.[SOURCE]
What is this 1510? We should have a book burning during Sunday Mass. Father Joe should hang freshly slain lambs on all our stoops to ward off the evil gnomes. I heard garlic's good for this sort of thing. And Inquisitions.

I'd like to say this sort of attitude amazes me but alas, it does not. It's the occult, it's pagan, it's witchcraft, it's shut the hell up already. If you don't want your kid to read the damn books or see the movies than feel free to be the oddball parent on the block who, instead of letting their child enjoy their youth, makes little Johnny recite Psalms 'til bedtime. I don't really care. Just don't tell the rest of us what to do/read/think. I'm quite pleased that people read anything and then think something.

Yeah, yeah, we're all going to hell. The day when children start running amok under the spell of a novel like possessed Don Quixotes following the apocalyptic wishes of some satyric Pied Piper...well, don't say they didn't warn you about those Latin Masses...


  1. I agree completely.

    By the way, I finally got around to adding you to the blogroll on Last Free Voice. :-)

  2. I especially love the mother in GA who has wasted a gazillion taxpayer dollars to try to keep the books out of schools. Of course she has never read the books but "knows" they are evil. I do applaud the court system that has so far told her to stuff it. BUT it is MY money paying for this crap!!