Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Conflicting Numbers?

I have always considered ESPN to be a good gauge of sports fans in their polls. That said, as I was checking on anything but the stupidity that is the IFOCE (the International Federation of Competitive Eating for those of us that use our opposing thumbs, and a fork to eat), I saw a poll that made me think. On Wednesday 4 July at 1300, I clicked on the web page and there was a poll asking what Barry Bonds' Legacy would be. Alleged steroid user or All Time Home Run Champion? I took my stand on Barry in an earlier post, so I voted pro Barry.

At last check he was voted into starting line up of the 2007 All-Star Game in a flurry of on line fan voting. Fans vote for the starting 8 and the players add another 8 fielders and pitchers. With the managers selecting the rest of the team, I would think Bonds overtaking Alfonso Soriano in the last few days of fan voting would reflectin the poll on ESPN. Not so much. Roughly 70% voted him as an alleged steroid user. If 70% of the 40,000 people who took the poll think he used steroids, why is he starting the All Star Game? Sports fans are just people like everyone else, so where is the disconnect? If this is what is thought of Bonds, why will he be standing in the outfield on Tuesday with the beloved Junior Griffey? If 70% of fans think he is dirty, where did the votes come from?

I understand that this is a small portion of the fan vote represented in the poll, but come on. I didn't vote on the All Star Team, so I can't complain about who will be out there; it really doesn't matter to me. It's an exhibition. I think he was doing something to make his shoe size, hat size, and body swell, but so do most people. He has been convicted in the public without any positive test, yet he is starting. I would not have voted for Bonds for the All Star Game, because this year he is not one of the three best - or eight for that matter - outfielders in the NL, but he is going to be the All-Time Home Run Champion.

Professor's Note
: I tried to find the poll Whitey is talking about to no avail. So we made our own:

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