Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who's on third?

I was looking in on the Hot Stove news which, for you casual fans, is the off season in baseball - The time when teams sit around the warm fire at the Winter Meetings and trade and/or sign free agents for the coming year. Each year all of baseball gathers together for something to do. Mainly talk baseball. It is almost heaven. Last year the Red Sox were by far the most active team and it made them the World Series Champions. This year the big fish is A-Rod. So if you look for news, you will get mostly A-Rod related stories. Who, where, how? All these questions will be addressed by someone in the media.

Some of our favorites are Hall of Famer, Peter Gammons, Jason Stark, Buster Olney, and "Little Timmy" Kurkjian. The Professor and I will be attending the Winter Baseball Meetings this December 2 - 6, so we will be in the thick of things...stay tuned.

The 2007-2008 Free Agents and Teams.

Once again I have used a source that I'm not thrilled with. Wikipedia is a good source but not all that reliable. It can be edited by Joe Public, so don't believe every thing you read on it. That said, for some things it is a great resource. This is a great page that you can link to in order to see what your team is doing the off season. I stumbled on to it, and I hope it helps you.


If your team had a chance to sign A-Rod would you?

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