Friday, August 10, 2007

Chew on this Lassie!

I heard about this last week but it slipped my mind until I ran into it today...for the dog that has everything:

The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

For only $10.99 (plus S&H) your dog can gnaw on Mr. Vick's rubber cranium. Some of the proceeds supposedly go to raising awareness for animal abuse, however, I would not be surprised if that awareness begins and ends with a bumper sticker on the owner of this website's new Mercedes. And remember:
Disclaimer: Vick's Chew Toy is a fictional character. It's use is not intended to harm anyone living or dead. It is a novelty character and a pet chew toy. Vick's Chew Toy is being used to bring awareness to animal abuse. Any similarities to The National Football League MVP and All Star Michael Vick are false. The image of Vick's chew toy used on our website is not an exact representation of Vick's Chew Toy, however, satisfaction is guaranteed.
Satisfaction is guaranteed! And that is not Michael Vick. My bad.

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