Thursday, August 2, 2007


While sitting back and taking a look at the landscape that is the Michael Vick show, it seems that the other shoe which could drop may be Shaq-sized. With one of the original defendants [Tony Taylor] in the dog fighting case copping a plea, rolling over, and getting ready to drop a dime on the elusive QB, it makes sense to me to think this thing is going to mushroom into a three ring circus.

I would like to say that I have been torn about weighing in on the Vick issue because in the United States, "You're innocent until proven guilty." I hope that justice is served and the truth comes out. It looks bleak in the Vick camp, but what about the other two defendants without a few million to lawyer up? The pressure got to one defendant already, which leads to the smoke.

The fact that the original warrant for the property was for a marijuana charge...and the person [Devon Boddie] for whom the drug warrant was issued is not named in the dog fighting indictment...I would say the chances that he is singing are pretty good. He is the cousin of Vick, was living in the house, and proclaimed Vick had no idea. If Tony Taylor is truly honest and spills the beans on what went on in that house, things could go from bad to worse. Shortly after Vick signed his rookie contract, Taylor was living at the house after finding the property and having it built.He apparently left the kennel over a money dispute in 2004. Go figure?

From the way people are backing away from Vick you would think he was radioactive; and if Federal Drug charges come down in the superseding indictment, he will be. People think the government is going after him due to his celebrity status, but that $100 million contract he signed gave him Steinbrenner style backing for whatever enterprise he chose. The chances drugs were not a part of the house that "Bad News Kennels" occupied seems a long shot, since the original problem was drug related. All of these actions seem to be linked by the culture of 'the hood.' Money is power - backing a book for breeding dogs and dog fighting allowed the defendants to be automatic players in that subculture.

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